Sierra Premium Fuchsia Crystal Statement Earring - LIMITED EDITION

Sierra Premium Fuchsia Crystal Statement Earring - LIMITED EDITION

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The Sierra Earrings epitomise the splendour of cascading crystals, presented in an array of captivating hues including Fuchsia, serene Green, and the timeless elegance of Silver. These statement pieces are masterfully crafted to evoke not only luxury but a boldness that complements the wearer's individual style. Their intricate design features a meticulous arrangement of elongated crystals, each one reflecting the light with an intensity that commands attention.

The delicate balance of the Sierra Earrings offers a gentle sway that mirrors the wearer's movements, creating a dance of light that is both enchanting and mesmerising. The design harmoniously bridges the gap between contemporary chic and timeless sophistication, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion. A bestseller for a reason, the Sierra Earrings promises not just to adorn but to embolden, inviting each woman to embrace a narrative of self expression and confidence. 

Height: 14.5cm

Width: 4cm

Weight: 10g each earring

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