Isabella Multicoloured Crystal Heart Statement Earrings

Isabella Multicoloured Crystal Heart Statement Earrings

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Our Isabella Heart Earrings are a signature statement from our collection and their status as best sellers is no coincidence. Each pair is a blend of artistry and allure, appealing to the discerning tastes of the contemporary woman.

The Multicolour combination is bold celebration of life and its vivid hues. These earrings are for the woman who writes her own story, one vibrant chapter at a time. The eclectic mix of colours is a testament to the wearer's confidence and the joy of embracing one's individuality with poise and panache.

These best sellers carry the essence of our brand's mission, to empower women to make bold choices. They are more than just earrings, they are a celebration of confidence, a nod to the timeless beauty of daring fashion choices and a beacon for those who believe that style is an ageless adventure.

Height: 8cm

Width: 6cm

Weight: 15g

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