Kendra Premium Crystal Statement Earrings

Kendra Premium Crystal Statement Earrings

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Our Kendra Earrings are a harmonious blend of trendsetting design and classic elegance, making them an essential luxe accessory for any evening event. Available in lilac, on-trend green and royal blue, these earrings feature stunning crystals meticulously set within a lustrous gold toned setting giving them a premium finish. These earrings boast a geometric arrangement that plays with light and shadow, reflecting a contemporary aesthetic that still nods to timeless elegance. They are the perfect plus one to any evening event, exuding confidence and sophistication. 

As a customer favourite and set to become a must have in every stylish woman's jewellery collection, the Kendra Earrings represent Accession by Adel's dedication to empowering women through bold fashion.

Height: 8cm

Width: 2.3cm

Weight: 15g per earring

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