Skylar Multicoloured Crystal Statement Necklace

Skylar Multicoloured Crystal Statement Necklace

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Discover our Skylar range, a symphony of lightweight elegance designed for the modern woman. At Accession By Adel we've attuned our ears to the invaluable feedback of our customers, resulting in an range of stunning necklaces that combine luxury with comfort. Our Skylar necklaces are now lighter than ever, crafted for effortless layering and all day wear, ensuring that sophistication can be a constant companion rather than a fleeting touch.

Each piece in the is adorned with high quality crystals that capture the light with every movement, promising to be a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Whether you choose the timeless sparkle of clear crystals, the vibrant zest of green crystals, or the playful allure of multicolored stones, the Skylar necklace is designed to inspire confidence and celebrate bold fashion choices at any age.

Embrace the freedom to shine with accessories that don't just complement your outfit but elevate your entire ensemble. Make a statement with Accession By Adel where style knows no bounds, and luxury is worn like a second skin.


Length: 41cm

Extender: 11cm

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