Jaya White Crystal Statement Necklace

Jaya White Crystal Statement Necklace

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The Jaya Necklace is a statement piece where bold meets sophistication. This striking range by Accession By Adel is envisioned for the woman who graces formal events with her presence. The Jaya, with its array of vibrant meticulously set crystals, encapsulates the essence of empowerment and statement style.

Opt for the vivaciousness of fuchsia and emerald crystals, each cut to perfection, mirroring the dynamism of contemporary art. For those who admire the classics, the clear crystal variant offers an ice like clarity that glistens with a timeless grace. Then there's the verdant splendour of the emerald toned option, echoing the richness of nature's own palette.

Each Jaya necklace is a testament to our brand’s dedication to quality and statement making style, perfect for the woman who is bold, fearless, and ready to stand out in any gathering. Wear it as a singular statement or layer it for an even more impactful expression of personal style, safe in the knowledge that its elegance is matched by its comfortable design.

Length: 42cm

Extender: 11cm

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