Harper Multicoloured Crystal Statement Earrings

Harper Multicoloured Crystal Statement Earrings

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Illuminate your look with our Harper Earrings, where contemporary elegance is entwined with classic appeal. Offered in shades of fuchsia, lilac, and a stunning multicoloured option these earrings are designed to complement a broad spectrum of wardrobes. 

These earrings reflect a devotion to quality, featuring a distinct design that marries audacity with grace. The deliberate composition of the stunning crystals in various shapes and vibrant colours captures a delightful play of light as they sway, making each set a testament to innovative design. The Harper Earrings are more than mere accessories, they're contemporary treasures that empower your style narrative and elevate your everyday elegance with a touch of sophistication.

Height: 7.5cm

Width: 2.5cm

Weight: 20g per earring

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