Alina Green Crystal Headband

Alina Green Crystal Headband

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Infuse your look with the subtle glamour of our Alina Crystal Padded Headbands, the narrowest yet most striking addition to our premium headwear collection. Each is meticulously wrapped in high-quality, thick fabric that promises durability and comfort, allowing for an all-day luxurious experience.

Serenade your senses with the Light Green Alina, a refreshing blend of green, pink, and yellow stones set against the finest fabric. It’s a piece that speaks to those who cherish subtle elegance and yearn for a touch of summer's vibrancy in their everyday attire.

The Alina headbands not only accessorise, but also accentuate your unique style with their distinct colours. Whether you’re dressing up for an event or accenting a casual outfit, these headbands ensure you do so with an air of sophistication and a promise of comfort.

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