Welcome to Accession By Adel, a brand born from the ambition and vision of our Founder Adel, who sought to redefine the narrative of women in fashion. Adel's journey in the world of style began with a realisation that resonated deeply within her, a narrative she often heard from women including herself of "I'm too old," "It's too much," "I couldn't pull that off." These phrases reflected a limiting belief system that Adel was determined to challenge and transform.

Adel's passion for fashion has been a lifelong affair. With a background in fashion studies, her enthusiasm was always evident, but like many she sometimes found herself beset by doubts and the societal narratives that restrict women's fashion choices. In her 30s, Adel embarked on a personal and professional journey to make fashion choices that not only empowered her, but also paved the way for other women to do the same.

This journey led to the inception of Accession By Adel. Adel chose to focus on designing accessories as a stepping stone for women to make bold yet approachable fashion choices. Accessories in her vision are more than mere embellishments, they are powerful statements that can ignite confidence and gradually encourage bolder clothing choices.

Our previous brand Mon Amour laid the foundation for this vision. We received overwhelming feedback from women who felt uplifted and complimented when they wore our products. This positive response has been a driving force behind our rebranding to Accession By Adel, where our commitment is not only to continue creating stunning, empowering fashion pieces but also to deliver a customer experience that is truly empowering.

At Accession By Adel, we believe in empowering women to make bold fashion choice to express themselves freely and to break free from the age-old narratives that dictate what they can or cannot wear. Our brand is more than just fashion, it's a movement towards self-expression, confidence, and empowerment.

Join us on this journey. Dare to be bold, be unapologetically you. Welcome to Accession By Adel.